SABRE  RED PEPPER SPRAYS are sold by us . 

Sabre Red pepper sprays come in various sizes from handy in the purse to handy for your car as well as crowd control size . 


What makes SABRE RED the pepper spray we chose to market ??


Sabre Red is gel based . Not a pressurized gas . So once sprayed it does not disperse into the air to affect everyone around you including yourself . Being gel based , Sabre Red is very accurate up to a distance of between 3-4 meters and once it hits the target , any attempt to wipe it off will simply spread it irritating soft tissue and mucous linings . The skin burns and is simply impossible to ignore . 

Each handy sized carry can of Sabre Red is good for up to 25 bursts . 

Give yourself peace of mind by carrying a canister of Sabre Red or give a canister to your wife or children . Delaying an attacker will give them the opportunity to escape or summons help . 

We have had repeat purchases from satisfied clients who tell us how Sabre Red has saved the day for them . Buy a canister and have peace of mind .